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Osteopath at Work

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! Back pain, sciatica and other physical alignments are signals that our bodies aren’t functioning properly. For instance, spinal misalignment can pinch the nerves in your spine leading to not only pain and discomfort, but a lowered state of health. Our clinic helps correct the alignment of your spine to alleviate stress, pain and discomfort and help you live a healthier, pain free and stress free life. Schedule your appointment today and see how our team of qualified professionals can get you or your loved ones feeling great.

Physical Therapy

Prevention, care and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Our focus is getting you back to your desired activities through hands-on therapy, and exercises to aid in strengthening and gaining flexibility and mobility.  We focus on treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, workplace injuries (WSIB), motor vehicle accidents (MVA), general weakness and de-conditioning, falls prevention / balance etc.


With a commitment to wellness, LifeMed practitioners offer both traditional and contemporary medical acupuncture. We treat patients for a wide range of health concern by bringing balance to the body. For over 3000 years, this time-tested form of medicine has been safely and effectively used to restore balance and health in a noninvasive manner. We are proud to provide downtown Toronto with the benefits of this ancient form of safe and effective therapy.

Back Massage

Did you know that the majority of diseases may be related to stress? Our rejuvenating massage therapy helps reduce stress to help prevent injury, encourage healing, and promote physical and mental wellness.

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