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LifeMed Clinic offers Naturopathic Medicine treatments from our experienced naturopathic Doctors

If you’re looking for quality Naturopathic Doctor, then LifeMed is the clinic for you. Naturopathic medicine provides a non-invasive approach to health that promotes the body's innate healing potential. Naturopathic Doctors seek to find the cause of illness rather than simply suppressing the symptoms that are present.

What is Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that incorporates conventional and natural forms of science-based medicine. The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause of disease. Symptoms of disease are seen as warning signals of improper functioning of the body, and unfavorable lifestyle habits. Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes disease as a process rather than as an entity. 

Prevention is a priority in naturopathic medicine. When disease is present, the focus of naturopathic treatment is to address the underlying cause of illness rather than simplying suppressing symptoms or managing disease. Naturopathic doctors consider all aspects of a person's life when diagnosing and developing a unique treatment plan, including physical, mental and emotional states. 


  • Clinical nutrition

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture

  • Botanical/Herbal Medicine

  • Homeopathy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Lifestyle counselling and stress management

Common Conditions Naturopathic Doctor Treat:

Chronic Conditions​

  • Chronic pain

  • Migraines and headaches

  • Digestive disorders

  • High blood pressure and heart disease

  • Diabetes and obesity

  • Back pain

  • Arthritis and osteoporosis

  • Allergies and environmental illness

  • Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne

  • Anxiety, depression and insomnia

  • Candida releted symptoms

  • Fibromyalgia and CFS

  • Thyroid disorders

Acute and Recurring Conditions

  • Cold and Flu

  • Ear, sinus and throat infections

  • Musculoskeletal injury

Woman's Health

  • Infertility

  • Prenatal and postnatal care

  • PMS and menstrual disorders

  • Menopausal symptoms

  • Fibrocystic breast disease

  • Endometriosis and uterine fibroids

Men's Health

  • Infertility

  • BPH and prostatitis

  • Erectile dysfunction

Children's Health

  • Asthma and eczema

  • Allergies and food intolerances

  • ADHD

Disease Prevention

  • Cleansing programs

  • Stress and fatigue reduction

  • Weight loss and management

  • Smoking cessation

  • Immune system strengthening

  • General health maintenance

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