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Mai Le

Naturopathic Medical Graduate & Clinic Manager

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Mai Le completed her Naturopathic Medical degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Mai has a special interest in mental emotional health, pediatrics and endocrinology. Throughout her internship, she has treated a variety of conditions such as thyroid dysfunction, weight loss, detox, anxiety and depression, eczema, ADHD, allergies, food sensitivities, musculoskeletal concerns, arthritis, and concussions.


She is passionate about working with the patient to identify the root cause of their condition and provide an individualized treatment plan to optimize their health. The naturopathic medicine modalities that Mai enjoys using to help the patient achieve their health goals are physical medicine, hydrotherapy, asian medicine, acupuncture, botanical medicine, lifestyle and diet counselling. Mai aspires to help her patients achieve a life where they feel energized and revive feeling their best.

Mai loves  to listen to music and work with the community in her free time. She has been a training support officer with 618 Queen City Royal Canadian Air Cadets for more than 8 years, where she taught effective speaking, leadership, citizenship and physical fitness program. She had always believed in promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is one aim in the cadet program. This led her to incorporate awareness about healthy living, active lifestyle, and natural medicine. She initiated the tree planting program for many youth in the program. She also loves to travel and has completed her global health course with Natural Doctors International, where this experience has empowered her to further her medical knowledge and provide support to underserved communities.

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