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Kayla Adebajo

Nurse Practitioner

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Kayla Adebajo is a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, who has been practising since 2010 working in community health centres, medical aesthetics, bioidential hormone optimization, and as a functional medicine practitioner. She has over 20 years experiences in the vast areas of nursing and health care. 

Medical Aesthetics
Kayla has a strong background in both dermatopathological and medical aesthetic treatments.  She has been a medical director and trainer for top cosmetic clinics in Toronto providing aesthetic services, such as neuromodulators (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport), dermal fillers, sclerotherapy, and PRP treatments for hair restoration and facial rejuvenation.  She is  also trained in the new PDO thread lift technique--which is growing in popularity as the new non-surgical 'facelift'. 


Functional Medicine and  Bio-Identical Hormones
Kayla also has a strong foundation in complementary alternative health approaches and integrative medicine.    She has undergone training with A4M,  ACAM, Empire Medical, Functional Medicine University, Institute of Functional Medicine, and Dr. Rouzier World Link Medical in the areas of Functional Medicine and holds advanced certification in Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization.     

Kayla’s vast experiences have enabled her to provide a wholistic approach incorporating preventative and integrative health services to her patient treatment plans.  She also practices medical acupuncture (for fertility, aesthetics, and sport medicine) and is knowledgeable in the use of nutritional supplements to complement her practice in family medicine/primary care.   She has recently been trained to provide O-shot and P-shot therapies to treat sexual dysfunctions and using IV nutritional/vitamin therapies  to improve health.  Other procedures that Kayla provides include joint injections for pain management (e.g. arthritis joint pain, tendonitis) and trigger point injections.   

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