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Vipul Delvadiya


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Vipul is dedicated to providing evidence based, patient centered care and comprehensive health management and have a special interest in evidence based rehabilitation.

Vipul’s education, experience, and an analytical mind set help you get your health on track.

Vipul’s focus is unwaveringly on the needs of his patients. While some people attend physio with a clear goal in mind, many do not: his strength is in setting reachable goals with the patient, and providing the guidance to achieve them.

He has found his best outcomes result from treatment focused on education and exercise, often augmented with manual therapy techniques and Mobilization.

It’s true that active people make the best physiotherapists, and Vipul is more than qualified in this regard. When it comes to working with patients, he is thorough and engaged. Although he loves a good diagnostic challenge, his favourite conditions to treat include chronic stiff necks, shoulder injuries, Knee problems, post operative stiffness.

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